3 Questions To Ask When Having A New Phone System Installed In Your Call Center

Are you having a new telephone system installed in your call center? Here are a few questions you should ask your service provider first.

How Long Will the Installation Process Take?

It's important to find out how long each aspect of the installation process will take to figure out how you'll manage your call center employees throughout the process. If it will take multiple days to wire your system, you may want to schedule the work to be done in sections so at least some of your employees can get to work on the system while you're waiting for the rest of your call center to be outfitted with your new phone system.

You have your service provider install one quarter or one half of your system so it can be up and running while the other portions of the center are being worked on. You'll have less downtime, make more profits, and keep your employees happy because they won't all have to sit at home without pay while waiting for your new system to be installed.

What Kinds of Upgrades Are Possible?

You may know what your call center needs now, but things might change in the future that require you to make changes to your telephone system. You aren't going to want to spend time and money on an entirely new system in the future if you can avoid it, so it's a good idea to find out whether the system you're having installed now can be upgraded in any way at a later time.

If it can, ask for a complete list of upgrade options so you can research them and find out how they can benefit you if you choose to invest in them someday. Knowing what your telephone system is potentially capable of will allow you to make more educated business decisions moving forward too.

Is Any Ongoing Support Available?

You should also find out whether your service provider offers ongoing technical support to rely on because even if you maintain the system properly there is always a chance that something could go wrong, like a glitch. If this happens, you'll need an expert to address the problem as soon as possible so you can keep servicing your call-in customers. You need to ask about this well before having your system installed because if your service provider doesn't offer technical support, you will have to find another company to service you, which can take some time.

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